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Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) - The 'Buzzword' for Affordable Video Storage & Management Services

5th December 2015
The global market for Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is projected to reach US$1.7 billion by 2020, driven by the growing demand for affordable video surveillance services.

Given that in-house video management and monitoring is becoming unsustainable, both from an operational and financial point of view, there is growing interest surrounding the ballooning concept of 'Video Surveillance as a Service' (VSaaS). VSaaS is a service provisioning business model where hardware, storage, management and monitoring services are offered under the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. For service providers, the recurring revenue stream provided by this business model is major benefit, as it offers a steady cash flow into the business.

For customers, the subscription billing based service delivery model offers unrivalled cost benefits and affordability. Increasing preference for low cost commoditized IT hardware and software is a major factor driving the popularity, importance and proliferation of recurring revenue-based business models. Other major benefits driving the widespread popularity of VSaaS include ability to mix and match video storage either in the in-house datacenter or in a cloud; remote management and monitoring of surveillance videos; eliminates the need for dedicated on-premise storage and other computing resources; significantly lowers CAPEX and OPEX; anytime, anywhere access to video footage on any device; and easy pay as-you-go payment model.

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While security remains the major application area for video surveillance, spurring market opportunities are non-security applications in logistics, traffic management, patient monitoring, industrial process monitoring & control, and live video streaming/broadcasting, among others. Also driving investments in video surveillance is the growing interest in smart cities by governments worldwide. A key element of smart cities includes surveillance and security. Unlike the current sporadic implementation of video surveillance systems, smart cities require widespread deployment of networked video surveillance, as the concept of smart cities revolves around information collection, storage and distribution. Crime prevention is a major area of concern as these cities are the hub of economic activities and are therefore rich targets for criminal offences and terrorist disruptions. Poised to benefit under this scenario is cloud hosted VSaaS, given the numerous benefits offered such as reliability, scalability, cost effectiveness, lowest total cost of ownership, reduced workloads and low maintenance.

Other major factors driving growth in the market include increase in new video surveillance deployments as a result of the rise in crime & security issues, increased adoption of cloud enabled VSaaS, stringent legislation of government safety mandates, and growing focus on critical infrastructure protection. As stated by the new market research report on Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), Asia-Pacific represents the largest market worldwide, led by China. A key factor supporting Asia's dominance is the trend towards hardware inclusive billing, which involves the addition of hardware into the monthly service fee. Accounting for a major portion of the revenues generated in the global VSaaS market, China is a massive consumer of subsidized video surveillance hardware offered under the recurring revenue model. Mass surveillance is a widespread practice in China, given the government's top focus on crime prevention and social security. By 2020, the government plans to have all key public spaces covered under camera surveillance. Public security monitoring, intelligent traffic management and social management are prime reasons spurring the national level focus on video surveillance in the country. The United States ranks as the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 19.3% over the analysis period.

Major players in the market include ADT Security Services, Inc., Axis Communications AB, Brivo Inc., Camcloud Inc., Cameramanager, CameraFTP Service, Cloudastructure Inc., ControlByNet, Duranc Inc., Eagle Eye Networks, Inc, Envysion, Inc., Eyecast Inc., Genetec, Inc., Honeywell Security Group, IVideon Inc., March Networks, NeoVSPT, Next Level Security Systems, Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd.,, Inc., Smartvue Corporation, and Vector Security Inc. among others.

Title Index:

- Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations
- Disclaimers
- Data Interpretation & Reporting Level
- Quantitative Techniques & Analytics
- Product Definitions and Scope of Study
- Managed Services
- Hosted & Hybrid Services

- Video Surveillance - An Overview
- Why In-House Management of Surveillance Videos is No Longer the Right Choice?
- Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) - The 'Buzzword' for Affordable Video Storage & Management Services
- Video Surveillance as a Service - Market Scenario
- The Trend Towards Hardware Inclusive Billing Pushes Asia as the Largest Market for VSaaS
- Why Cloud Hosted VSaaS is a Technological Triumph for Developing Asian Countries?
- Market Outlook

- Existing & Emerging Video Surveillance Deployments Provide Opportunities for VSaaS
- Growing Interest in Smart Cities Drives Opportunities in the Market
- Why Market Opportunities Go Knocking on Chinese Doors?
- Managed VSaaS: The Early Outsourced Model
- Video Surveillance Management Meets the Cloud, Drives Spectacular Gains in Cloud Hosted VSaaS
- The Disruption of Cloud Computing in the New Economy
- Cloud Enabled VSaaS - The Way of the Future
- Integrated Video Analytics - A Major Draw for VSaaS
- Need for Mobile/Remote Monitoring Drives Demand for VSaaS
- Security- Major End-Use Application Market for VSaaS
- High Public Perception of Crime Encourages Proactive Investments in Security Technologies & Drives Demand for Video Surveillance as a Service
- Rapid Urbanization & Ensuing Rise in Public Safety Requirements - A Business Case for VSaaS in Mass Surveillance
- Government Safety Mandates Drive Adoption of Video Surveillance as a Service Non-Security Applications Growing in Prominence Government Investments Pour in for VSaaS
- Private Offices Driving Robust Gains for VSaaS
- Industrial Segment - Packed with Tremendous Opportunities for VSaaS
- Growing Focus on Critical Infrastructure Protection Bodes Well for Video Surveillance
- Retail & Hospitality Sectors Showing Great Interest on VSaaS
- Transportation Sector Warming Upto the Benefits of VSaaS
- SMBs - Major Consumer Cluster for Cloud Based VSaaS Challenges - Pricing Still a Concern
- Competition from DVR/NVR Based Remote Monitoring Services
- Security Issues
- Bandwidth Issues
- Lack of Adequate Awareness
- Way Forward

- Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) - Definition
- Tracing the History of Video Surveillance & its Evolution from Analog CCTV Systems to Service
- Based Deployments
- Key Benefits of VSaaS
- Lower Costs
- Eliminates NVR/ DVR Qualms
- Secure Web Access to Recorded Surveillance Videos
- Easy Installation and Maintenance
- Protection from Malicious Activities
- Classification of VSaaS by Revenue Model
- Managed VSaaS
- Cloud Hosted VSaaS
- Hybrid VSaaS

4. PRODUCT/SERVICE LAUNCHES - Panasonic Unveils New Nubo 4G Enabled Monitoring Camera
- Genetec Announce Reduced Plan Pricing and Novel Features for Stratocast VSaaS
- Mastertel, Vocord, and 3Data Collaborates for Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Solution
- ADT Launches New Cloud-Based VSaaS
- Genetec Launches Stratocast VSaaS Solution
- Vector Security Introduces CloudControl Hosted Video Solution
- Schneider Electric Unveils New Cloud-Based VSaaS Solution
- Camworx Launches New Cloud-based Y-cam Hive Compatible Service

5. RECENT INDUSTRY ACTIVITY - Dean Drako Acquires Brivo
- Digicel Business Selects Genetec's Stratocast VSaaS for Digicel Eye
- Canon to Take Over Axis
- Brivo Systems Enters Strategic Partnership with Eagle Eye Networks for Cloud Access Control and Video Surveillance System
- ESDS Inks MOU with Iveda to Offer VSaaS in India
- Panasonic Takes Over
- Kastle Systems International Acquires CheckVideo
- UPSS Acquires THRIVE Intelligence
- SingTel Selects Digital Barriers' TVI technology for VSaaS
- Samsung Techwin and IProNet Enters Technology Partnership for VSaaS
- CharTec Partners with Moonblink to Offer VSaaS to MSPs
- Inks Partnership with NW Systems to Launch VSaaS in the UK

6. FOCUS ON SELECT PLAYERS - ADT Security Services, Inc. (US)
- Axis Communications AB (Sweden)
- Brivo Inc. (US)
- Camcloud Inc. (Canada)
- Cameramanager (The Netherlands)
- CameraFTP Service (US)
- Cloudastructure Inc. (US)
- ControlByNet (US)
- Duranc Inc. (US)
- Eagle Eye Networks, Inc. (US)
- Envysion, Inc. (US)
- Eyecast Inc. (US)
- Genetec, Inc. (Canada)
- Honeywell Security Group (US)
- IVideon Inc. (US)
- March Networks (Canada)
- NeoVSPT (US)
- Next Level Security Systems (US)
- Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd. (Japan)
-, Inc. (US)
- Smartvue Corporation (US)
- Vector Security Inc. (US)

- Total Companies Profiled: 64 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 65)
- The United States (35)
- Canada (5)
- Japan (1)
- Europe (12)
- France (1)
- Germany (1)
- The United Kingdom (4)
- Spain (1)
- Rest of Europe (5)
- Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (9)
- Middle-East (2)
- Caribbean (1)

- Electronic (Single User): USD 4500
- Electronic (1 - 5 Users): USD 6300
- Electronic (1 - 10 Users): USD 8550
- Electronic (1 - 15 Users): USD 10800
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