Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Modi visit to the UK Adds to Make In India Momentum

17th November, 2015. London, UK. PM Narendra Modi, in keeping with the format, addressed the Indian dispora of the United Kingdom to a packed Wembley Stadium. It is clear that no other Indian Prime Minister has ever represented the Indian nation from a cultural and political standpoint to the world. Our knowledge and interest on the visit was based on the societal benefit of having additional markets to supply, to collaborate with and bring even further economies of scale to the increase in electronic manufacturing.

(Jay Shah, Friends of India and Bikal partner, second from the right). 

Bikal has been to India on three occasions in 2015 sparked by a February UKTI trade mission that took place. This highly concentrated 4 days, attending IESA (India Electronic & Semi-conductor Association) and ELCINA annual events in Bangalore and Chennai respectively, reinforced the emerging market opportunity but also gave the team the detail in where the opportunities lie. Having been long term partners with Chinese product and component manufacturers Bikal has been researching how to partner with other factories around the world. The timing of this mission, the Make in India campaign (to promote manufacturing in India and reduce imports) and then Modi’s visit to the UK have contributed to our set up of our manufacturing partners in the UK.

Working with business consultants that are experts in the Indian economic landscape, we have discussed many issues on improving economies and creating wealth for the UK and India. Mr. Jay Shah, pictured above, has been championing the support for India as a nation of entrepreneurs and industrialists, while being vocal on some of the political issues that hold it back from achieving that success. Jay Shah has business experience in Africa, the UK (particularly in media) and is a member of the Friends of India based in the UK. India has been a source for data scientists and some of the support services for Bikal. The traditional support services are a long standing industry which India excels in and has been a leader in for many years. Bikal has used data scientists from India for Big Data projects due to the shortage of skills within the UK. The partnership is two way as Bikal will transfer knowledge and technology to India for use locally and development for export to other markets. As the relationship develops during the course of 2016 Bikal will chart the progression of developments that take place, as this is a change that will be to move a nation.
About Bikal:
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